Pronounced: Poof-ers

Born: March 16th, 2005 - Sex: Male - Breed: Maltese

When he was a puppy he was so puffy/poofy I decided to call him Poofers. He has a mind of his own stubborn as all can be. His paws always smell like Doritos. He does NOT give kisses to you..instead he turns away. He loves to eat Pup-Peroni for snacks, but you must cut them to small pieces or else he will spit them back to you and wait for you to cut them. The food he eats is Chef Michael’s “Canine Creations” mixed with Beneful “Prepared Meals” and MUST be heated in the microwave. He does not like to take baths at all. He has his own special dog house, but he likes to sleep on top of my head by the pillows during the night.